A world truly untouched by Man’s hands, very rarely spoken of through the families of dragons and griffins alike of other worlds. This land blessed by Bahaumut and envied by Tiamat lays with an untold adventure and winding road of the pursuit of peace and balance. It was more like a nest-side story that was destined to become real to those chosen to defend it. The Murian world of Old had a Great War, where the fights between Dragons and Griffins first began, tearing down the Kingdom of Algernon located in the Central Continent of Darenas.

A great shame stood between the two races for many years, after King Algernon the White-Gold dragon and his wife Queen Aeschyla the Cloud Griffin of Muria had tragically died while standing in the crossfire between their feuding families. A great hatred and body of resentment tore down what was to be a great love that would unite the nation and eventually bring balance to the world.

The three children of the King and Queen - as many others - were cast into different portals that mysteriously opened and lead to different worlds. One child was consumed by an instilled hatred of Tiamat while still in his egg, one child keenly watched over and protected by Bahamut and one of his angels, one child casted to the fate of an orphan human child, as he was born human.

Only one of the three is known to be alive today, and that would be Bahamut’s own Princess Argentuma, the second heir to the thrown and endowed with King Falandor’s Gift.

Today, the Princess reigns. The castle that had once been great and fallen to the sea from the skies over Muria has been revived and replaced upon Central Darenas, due to a djinn wish, made by Lady Argentuma.

Some people express great praise and gratitude to their god of the Princess’s return, others feel somewhat estranged to her tendencies to use her learned human form so frequently, feeling she’s fallen out of touch of who and what she really is. The idea of two-legged, furless or scaless beings is as alien as a griffin would be among a human villa. This doubt has left the hearts of some subject to the influence of dark thoughts, all over again though none yet act to conspire.

A shame still rested on the shoulders of the Murian creatures that were a part of or descendants of the Great War, but having their Princess back brought a new hope, and unknown revelation of Prophecy.

When the people felt that there was nothing else to be said and done and fell to a rather depressed state of things, a mysterious portal began to open up in the sky, above Darenas itself. Now, rumors and tales have been told that they open up in random places, but never so thickly and radiating with such magic. The magicians of Lady Argentuma’s court agree that there is some sort of intent behind this force, and a dark one at that.

It is time for Argentuma to pray and call on Bahaumut’s help. As he hears his child cry out to him, he summons a band of champions from the great beyond that may come and both aid and teach these creatures of Muria…

...what is to become of Muria now?

Muria in Danger